1. ‘It would just set a good example’: Trump’s allies push him to embrace masks  POLITICO
  2. If the Trump administration isn't requiring masks, who is?  CNN
  3. 'Wear a mask!' Republicans split with Trump as virus cases surge  Reuters
  4. Nancy Pelosi slips up, goes half-masked in meeting with George Floyd's brother  Washington Times
  5. Even Fox & Friends Is Begging Trump to Wear a Mask  New York Magazine
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  1. Supreme Court: Montana Can't Exclude Religious Schools From Scholarship Program  NPR
  2. Supreme Court strikes down state ban on taxpayer funding for religious schools  Fox News
  3. Supreme Court opens door to state funding for religious schools  CNN
  4. Supreme Court lifts ban on state aid to religious schooling  AOL
  5. Supreme Court says Montana program aiding private schools must be open to religious schools  The Washington Post
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  1. U.S. consumer confidence for June jumps more than expected  CNBC
  2. Consumer confidence index comes in better than expected in June  CNBC Television
  3. U.S. consumer confidence rebounds in June, but rising COVID-19 infections a worry  Yahoo Finance
  4. Consumer confidence jumps to 3-month high, but still well below precrisis levels  MarketWatch
  5. US consumer confidence rises to 98.1 in June  The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
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  1. Amy McGrath Defeats Charles Booker and Will Face McConnell in Kentucky  The New York Times
  2. Amy McGrath vs. Charles Booker: McGrath wins Kentucky Senate primary  Vox.com
  3. Amy McGrath wins Kentucky Senate Democratic primary, CNN projects  CNN
  4. Amy McGrath captures Democratic nomination in Kentucky in long-shot bid against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  The Washington Post
  5. McGrath defeats Booker in Kentucky Senate Democratic primary, NBC News projects  NBC News
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