2019 iPhone cases will highlight what Apple will try to hide  SlashGear

It seems that square camera bumps are in. At least if you ask Apple and Google. Although Huawei can perhaps be credited/blameed for starting that trend but ...

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  1. GSK partners with CRISPR pioneer Doudna to find new drugs  STAT
  2. Joining forces to advance genomic research and improve drug discovery  GSK
  3. GSK Invests $67 Million to Co-Found Genomics Lab with University of California  BioSpace
  4. GlaxoSmithKline taps UC's CRISPR expertise to speed drug discovery  UC Berkeley
  5. GSK teams up with Doudna, putting CRISPR to work to find new drugs  FierceBiotech
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  1. Weakened by the trade war, Xi returns to security conference ready to woo Modi and Putin  CNN
  2. Watch: Days After Saudi Gaffe, Imran Khan's Blunder At Bishkek  NDTV News
  3. Modi to avoid Pakistan airspace despite getting permission  Reuters India
  4. Pakistan Must Stop Terror Before Talks, PM Modi Tells China's Xi Jinping  NDTV
  5. China's Xi Jinping Ready To Visit India This Year After PM Modi's Invite  NDTV
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  1. Chris Hemsworth cleaned breast pumps before becoming famous  Fox News
  2. True Confessions with Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  3. Chris Hemsworth Reveals His First Job, And It's Pretty Unbelievable  HuffPost
  4. Chris Hemsworth Just Revealed His First Job & You’ll Never Guess What It Was  Yahoo Entertainment
  5. Jimmy Fallon’s ‘True Confessions': Kumail Nanjiani Tried to Kill Someone Back in Singapore (Video)  TheWrap
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  1. Samsung’s $100 Galaxy Fit tracker focuses on the basics  Engadget
  2. Samsung Insider Delivers Galaxy Note 10 Bad News Blows  Forbes
  3. Galaxy Fit vs. Galaxy Watch Active vs. Fitbit Inspire HR  CNET
  4. End of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold? AT&T Cancels Pre-Orders and Offers Customers a Small Compensation  Wccftech
  5. Samsung Galaxy Fit hands-on review  Digital Trends
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Google policy head retools team for global lobbying push  Reuters

Alphabet Inc's Google is trying to plug a surge of public scrutiny around the world by overhauling how its policy office operates, with increased emphasis on ...

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FDA issues warning after patient dies from fecal transplant containing drug-resistant bacteria  USA TODAY

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning Thursday following the death of a patient who received a fecal transplant containing drug-resistant ...

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  1. Samsung’s $100 Galaxy Fit tracker focuses on the basics  Engadget
  2. Galaxy Fit vs. Galaxy Watch Active vs. Fitbit Inspire HR  CNET
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Aldi flour recall: Company recalls flour over possible E. coli contamination  CBS News

The action involves more than 14000 cases made by Archer Daniels Midland and sold by retailers including Walmart.

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  1. Here's why women may be the best suited for spaceflight  National Geographic
  2. NASA estimates it will need $20 billion to $30 billion for moon landing, administrator says  CNN
  3. NASA says now is a great time to leave Earth  New York Post
  4. NASA Follows Changing Freshwater from Space  NASA Goddard
  5. 1,200ft Asteroid Could Crash Into Earth Because NASA Missed This Small Detail  International Business Times
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  1. Valve's Auto Chess Game Is Called Dota Underlords, Open Beta Next Week  Kotaku
  2. Dota Underlords is Valve's version of Auto Chess and you can play it right now  PC Gamer
  3. Valve announces Underlords, a standalone Auto Chess clone  The Verge
  4. Dota Underlords is Valve’s stand-alone Auto Chess game  Polygon
  5. Valve's latest 'Dota' spinoff is 'Underlords,' free beta starts next week  Engadget
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  1. Broadcom slaps down hopes for a second-half rebound in chips  MarketWatch
  2. Jim Cramer: When You See These 3 Warning Signs, Stocks Are About to Fall  TheStreet.com
  3. Broadcom Stock Sinks on Earnings and Worries About Trade War  Barron's
  4. Chip stocks take a hit after Broadcom earnings  MarketWatch
  5. Broadcom falls after slashing revenue guidance  CNBC
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  1. 'Oil tankers are targeted with explosions' in the Gulf of Oman  Daily Mail
  2. Two oil tankers struck in suspected attacks in Gulf of Oman  AOL
  3. Gulf of Oman ‘attack’: Oil tankers on fire amid rising tensions between Iran and rivals  The Independent
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  1. NASA's Cassini Reveals New Sculpting in Saturn Rings  NASA Planetary Science
  2. What's happening inside Saturn's rings? The Cassini mission dove between them to find out  CNN
  3. Yes, Saturn's Rings Are Awesome — NASA's Cassini Showed Us Just HOW Awesome.  Space.com
  4. Saturn's moons may have 'sculpted' its famous rings, new study suggests  USA TODAY
  5. The origin of Saturn's rings and moons  Science Magazine
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  1. Huawei apparently decides it needs more bad press, puts ads on phone lock screens  Android Police
  2. Huawei's lock screens unexpectedly turn into advertisements  Engadget
  3. Huawei is apparently showing ads on lockscreens for some of its phones  The Verge
  4. Someone at Huawei thought it would be a good idea to put ads on its lock screens  Phandroid.com
  5. Ads have started showing up on Huawei phone lock screens and people are furious  Digital Trends
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  1. Chrome's Adblocker controversy: Google raises maximum limit  Ghacks Technology News
  2. Google Chrome 76 beta makes it harder to use Flash, easier to dodge paywalls  The Verge
  3. Google: No, Of Course, We're Not Slowly Killing Ad Blockers  Gizmodo
  4. Google creates ad blocker Chrome extension for performance testing  9to5Google
  5. Google Denies That Chrome's Killing Ad Blockers  Tom's Hardware
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How did one of the safest cities in the world descend into violence?  CNN

Hong Kong is an extremely safe city, but in recent years, simmering tensions over the city's political future have created an underlying sense of unease.

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  1. FEC chair: It's illegal to accept intelligence from foreign governments during U.S. elections  AOL
  2. ‘Let me make something 100% clear’: FEC chair lays down the law on foreign help  POLITICO
  3. FEC chair responds to Trump saying he'd accept foreign intel on opponent: 'It is illegal' | TheHill  The Hill
  4. FEC Chairwoman warns candidates not to accept help from foreign governments  The Washington Post
  5. 'This is not a novel concept': FEC chair brings the hammer down on foreign influence after Trump's widely panned interview on the same topic  Business Insider
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Airbus May Make the Next Version of Its Top-Selling Jet an Electric Hybrid  Bloomberg

Airbus SE is considering bringing the world's first hybrid-electric airliner to market as it weighs its strategy for replacing the bread-and-butter A320neo ...

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Oil tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman: Iran likely responsible for attacks, Mike Pompeo says today - live updates  CBS News

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Two tankers were attacked Thursday near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, marking the second time in a month tankers have been ...

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Her ‘predator’ stepfather held her captive for 19 years. A grocery store conversation changed everything.  The Washington Post

Rosalynn McGinnis was 12 years old when she left her middle school in Poteau, Okla., for the last time. Ever since she was 10, McGinnis's stepfather, Henri ...

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  1. Taylor Swift Announces Release Date For New Album AND New Song! DEETS HERE!  PerezHilton.com
  2. Taylor Swift Announces New Album Lover, Releasing New Song Tonight  Pitchfork
  3. After All That, Taylor Swift Casually Announces The Release Of Her New Album 'Lover'  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  4. Taylor Swift just announced a lot of details about her new album — find out the title, and more  Entertainment Weekly News
  5. Everything You MISSED In T-Swift's IG Live!  Clevver News
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E3 Suffers Without Sony's Presence, Xbox's Phil Spencer Says  GameSpot

Microsoft's Phil Spencer says Sony and Activision should come back to E3 at this important time for the gaming industry.

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Pixel 4 leak: 3 reasons Google did this  CNET

The Pixel 4 -- really! Google. In a rare move by any tech company, Google confirmed the existence of the Pixel 4 several months ahead its anticipated release in ...

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Suspected New Zealand mosque gunman pleads not guilty  The Washington Post

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — The suspected gunman in the New Zealand mosque massacres, Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, pleaded not guilty ...

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  1. E. coli risk leads King Arthur Flour to recall bags of its unbleached all-purpose flour  USA TODAY
  2. King Arthur Flour recalled due to possible E Coli contamination  Turn to 10
  3. King Arthur recalls over 14,000 cases of flour amid E. coli concerns  WMUR Manchester
  4. King Arthur Flour recalls more than 14,000 cases of flour due to E. coli risk  WPTZ
  5. Recall: King Arthur All-Purpose Flour due to possible presence of E. coli  WRAL.com
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  1. Trump: Time not right for diplomacy with Iran  POLITICO
  2. Japan's Abe urges Iran to play constructive role for peace  Al Jazeera English
  3. Tanker attacks were Iran's doing, Mike Pompeo says after 2nd attack on vessels in Gulf of Oman today - Live updates  CBS News
  4. Iran-US negotiations have already started — just not face to face | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei rejects Trump's offer to talk  ABC News
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Star Trek Mars: NASA spots "Star Trek" Starfleet logo on Mars surface using Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO  CBS News

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has spotted an unusual symbol on the surface of Mars — the iconic "Star Trek" Starfleet logo. The MRO captured a ...

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Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia hands-on: Why I can’t compare them yet  The Verge

Cloud gaming is the undeniably industry-altering shadow looming over this year's E3 video game conference. But while I do have hands-on impressions with ...

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  1. First on CNN Business: 600 companies including Walmart, Costco and Target warn Trump on tariffs  CNN
  2. Tariffs Loom Over Car Makers, Despite Mexico Deal  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Trump Says He May Take Additional Steps on Mexico, No Deadline on China Tariffs  Bloomberg Politics
  4. 'There's China and there's everything else:' Trump's trade wars scramble domestic political fights  POLITICO
  5. Analysis | The Finance 202: Corporate confidence in the economy drops amid trade fears. But Republicans aren't budging.  The Washington Post
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  1. NASA orbiter spots 'Star Trek' symbol on Mars  CNN
  2. Star Trek Mars: NASA spots "Star Trek" Starfleet logo on Mars surface using Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO  CBS News
  3. NASA Spots 'Star Trek' Starfleet Logo 'Dune Footprints' on Mars  Geek
  4. Mars Surprise Mystery: 'Star Trek Fleet' Logo Found On Red Planet Surface  International Business Times
  5. NASA orbiter spots a Starfleet logo in a dune on Mars  Daily Mail
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'Toy Story 4' delivers another cinematic grand slam  CNN

A nine-years-later sequel that's wholly equal to the high expectations raised by the terrific trio that it follows.

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  1. Cuba Gooding Jr.: Actor faces charges of forcible touching in New York, lawyer says  CBS News
  2. Cuba Gooding Jr. turns himself in to NYPD for allegedly groping woman  Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Cuba Gooding Jr. charged with forcible touching after two woman accuse actor of groping  Fox News
  4. Cuba Gooding Jr. charged with forcibly touching woman at NYC bar, plans to plead not guilty  New York Daily News
  5. Cuba Gooding Jr. arrested, charged with forcible touching in NY  USA TODAY
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  1. Hori’s Grip Controller Turns The Switch Into An Absolute Unit  Kotaku
  2. New Switch Joy-Con replacements are wide for big hands  Polygon
  3. 'Daemon X Machina' Will Be Getting A Special Controller And Support Co-Operative Multiplayer  Forbes
  4. Wirecutter's best deals: Save $15 on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller  Engadget
  5. Hori’s new Grip Controller replaces your Switch’s Joy-Cons with full-size gamepads  The Verge
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  1. 'Fallout Shelter' is coming to Tesla cars  Engadget
  2. Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter and YouTube streaming are coming to Tesla cars  The Verge
  3. Bethesda’s bringing Fallout Shelter to Tesla cars  Polygon
  4. Watch Elon Musk and Todd Howard's E3 chat at 3PM ET  Engadget
  5. Space travel in Starfield is as dangerous as 'flight in the '40s'  PC Gamer
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  1. Why Your Local Weather Forecast Is Going To Get Better  NPR
  2. The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here  Ars Technica
  3. A Software Upgrade (After 40 Years) Aims to Improve U.S. Weather Forecasts  The New York Times
  4. NOAA's hurricane tracking model refined to give SC, Southeast a greater storm heads up  Charleston Post Courier
  5. Perfect Thursday. Friday into Father's Day: Not So Much  Minneapolis Star Tribune
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  1. Oil Prices Jump After Tanker Attacks in Middle East  The Wall Street Journal
  2. Gulf of Oman tankers attacked: Live updates  CNN
  3. UK maritime group warns of incident in the Gulf of Oman  Al Jazeera English
  4. Gen. Keane: Suspected attack on oil tankers intended to 'put pressure' on US to 'ease off' Iran sanctions  Fox News
  5. Benchmark Brent crude oil rises 4% in trading to over $62 a barrel after oil tanker incident in Gulf of Oman  Washington Post
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  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Leaving White House at the End of the Month  The New York Times
  2. WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will leave office by the end of the month, Trump announces  Fox News
  3. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of the month, Trump says  CNBC
  4. Sarah Sanders leaving White House post, Trump says  CNN
  5. Press secretary Sarah Sanders is leaving the White House, Trump says  NBC News
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Dozens of police officers injured in Memphis riots over fatal shooting  New York Post

At least two dozen police officers and two journalists were injured in violent riots that broke out in Memphis overnight, the city's mayor said Thursday. Six officers ...

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  1. Tesla has been denied tariff exemption for Model 3 computer and screen  Electrek
  2. US reportedly denies Tesla's request to waive tariffs on Chinese-made Model 3 parts  CNBC
  3. U.S. denies Tesla, Uber 25% tariff relief on components, e-bikes  Reuters
  4. Tesla Mobile Service to deploy Model X for ‘bigger’ on-site repair tasks  Teslarati
  5. U.S. denies Tesla tariff relief request for Chinese-made Model 3 'brain'  Yahoo Finance
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  1. 'Silenced' children of priests to share stories with French bishops  BBC News
  2. Bishop talks sex abuse impact and hope  Catholic News Service
  3. Catholic bishops approve new sex-abuse reporting hotline  PennLive
  4. 10 ways Catholic bishops are trying to end the clergy abuse scandal  CNN
  5. How Catholics are responding to Fleabag's hot priest.  Slate
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  1. Doctor Sleep trailer is a terrifying return to the world of The Shining  The Verge
  2. Ewan McGregor has 'the shining' in trailer for horror sequel Doctor Sleep  Entertainment Weekly News
  3. DOCTOR SLEEP | Official Trailer 1 | 2019 [HD]  Roadshow Films
  4. The Shining Returns in the First Doctor Sleep Trailer  Gizmodo
  5. DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]  Warner Bros. Pictures
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Toy Story 4 Review  IGN

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  1. House holds hearing on "deepfakes" and artificial intelligence amid national security concerns  CBS News
  2. House Intel to take first major deep dive into threat of 'deepfakes' | TheHill  The Hill
  3. House Intel chair sounds alarm in Congress' first hearing on deepfake videos  CNN
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  1. USDA research agencies will move to Kansas City region, Perdue announces  The Washington Post
  2. Trump administration to move USDA researchers to Kansas City area  POLITICO
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  1. Federal Agency Recommends Kellyanne Conway Be Fired  Snopes.com
  2. Federal watchdog agency recommends removal of Kellyanne Conway from federal office for violating the Hatch Act  The Washington Post
  3. Special Counsel recommends firing Kellyanne Conway over alleged Hatch Act violations  Fox News
  4. Federal office says Kellyanne Conway should be removed for violating Hatch Act  CNN
  5. Trump Is Urged to Fire Kellyanne Conway for Hatch Act Violations  The New York Times
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  1. Trump plays defense after saying he's open to information from foreign countries  CBS News
  2. David Jolly says time for impeachment has come  AOL
  3. Trump's stunning admission causes backlash  CNN
  4. Trump's obstruction parallels Nixon's during Watergate. John Dean's testimony proves it.  NBC News
  5. Trump challenger Weld renews calls for his resignation after comments on political opponent | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. Judge refuses to dismiss Secret Service agent's suit alleging he was detained because he is black  NBC News
  2. Park Police detained an on-duty Secret Service agent. He says it was because he’s black.  The Washington Post
  3. Black Secret Service agent who was 'held by two white Park Police for an hour' is allowed to sue  Daily Mail
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  1. Toy Story 4 Review  IGN
  2. Toy Story 4 Is a Heartwarming, Boundary-Pushing Addition to the Beloved Franchise  Gizmodo
  3. Toy Story 4 Movie Review  Collider Videos
  4. Toy Story 4 review: Pixar delivers a touching final chapter for Woody  Polygon
  5. Film Review: ‘Toy Story 4’  Variety
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  1. Depo-Provera, an Injectable Contraceptive, Does Not Raise H.I.V. Risk  The New York Times
  2. HIV incidence among women using intramuscular depot medroxyprogesterone acetate, a copper intrauterine device, or a levonorgestrel implant for contraception: a randomised, multicentre, open-label trial  The Lancet
  3. Contraceptive injections do not increase chance of contracting HIV, study finds  The Guardian
  4. New study finds no link between HIV infection and contraceptive methods  World Health Organization
  5. Hormonal contraception doesn't increase HIV risk – new study  News24
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