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Institute funded by Coke promotes exercise over diet to protect sales, academic says

A new report documents how Coke penetrated the government and influenced efforts to bring down the growing obesity rate — but not by cutting back on calories.

Coca-Cola has led efforts by American junk food companies, including PepsiCo, Nestle and McDonald's, to quietly shape China's nutrition policy to favor exercise over healthier eating in curbing the nation's obesity problem, new research shows.

NEW YORK (AP) — China's efforts to keep obesity in check have been undermined from the inside by the food industry, according to newly published research. A scholar of Chinese society at Harvard University traced how a group funded by Coca-Cola and other food companies enjoyed close ties to Chinese health officials. The group helped tilt the country's obesity fight with the message that exercise matters more than dietary habits, which health advocates say is a way to deflect attention from food's role in fueling obesity.

A group posing as a health organization but funded by Coca Cola and other fast food and drinks companies sought to undermine the Chinese government’s anti-obesity efforts, a new paper claims.